5 helpful tips to boost your child's confidence for the preschool concert

As K2 children count down to the last few months of their childcare journey in Singapore, this momentous milestone is often celebrated with a graduation concert at the end of the year. Like a big party to wrap up this important chapter, children often hold this memory close to their hearts as they reminisce about the “last project” with their friends. 

However, not all children take to performing for an audience like a fish to water. While year-end concerts aim to instil confidence in children through their teachers’ support and guidance, some kids might be scared, self-conscious or just don’t feel comfortable on stage. 

So, what can parents do to help them feel more prepared and less stressed? 

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Useful tips to help boost your little performer’s confidence for the preschool concert

#1: Acknowledge how they feel and think about performing on stage

Before jumping to any conclusion, talk to your child to find out how he/she feels about the impending concert performance.

Do they have stage fright? Are they worried about forgetting the script or dance steps?

Hear them out and be there to comfort him/her, while listening to understand how to amp up their self-confidence.

#2: Share with them how the preschool concert offers various learning opportunities and relive your personal experiences

As each class work together to put up a show, they are also learning how to work as a team. This gives them the opportunity to develop their social skills, memory and attentiveness. Share with them how participating in the preschool concert benefits their growth through this hands-on experience. With so much effort poured into a year-end concert at childcare, the children pick up important life skills too.

Did you know that concert performances are prepared in both English and Chinese languages? This offers children a special platform to enhance their language and literacy skills too! Parents, you can also share your own adult experiences too - and how early exposure might help overcome the jitters you had when doing your first presentation or when you had to speak to a room of unknown faces at a meeting. This would help children relate and understand how their experience can equip them for their future too. 

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#3: Help your child manage and cope with his emotions

Performing in front of an audience is a big deal, even for some adults. Apart from acknowledging your child’s feelings and thoughts about his preschool concert, guide them with coping strategies to boost confidence.

Here are some ways: Practise positive self-affirmation by telling them to say positive things about themselves, get them to list down their strengths to remind themselves, be their biggest supporter (see point 4) and rehearse together.

#4: Be there to practice, encourage and support

How can parents help children build their self-esteem? Be physically present to rehearse and practice at home. Break the tasks into smaller, achievable targets and offer loads of encouragement. A child with family support becomes more confident too, as we celebrate small wins and growth together. 

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#5: Accept and remember that your child is developing on his own timeline

What if your child refuses to participate despite all your efforts? Take heart and don’t take it personally. Always remember that everyone is unique, and we develop on our own timeline. If your child isn’t ready to join the year-end concert at his/her childcare, accept it and don’t use this to belittle them. Doing so would further deflate their confidence, pushing them to think worse of themselves.

If your child is all ready to hit the stage, be their biggest cheerleader and acknowledge his/her readiness. As they enjoy themselves during the graduation concert, their confidence will also grow as they bask in the moment along with a sense of achievement in successfully delivering the performance. 

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Learning and growing through a holistic childcare programme

At Little Footprints Preschool, our comprehensive curriculum focuses on all aspects of your child’s learning and development that aligns with ECDA’s guide for childcare centres in Singapore. Through a theme-based, experiential learning approach, little ones embark on a bilingual journey with dedicated educators.

By the end of K2, children build friendships and memories that could last a lifetime and through their graduation concert preparation journey too. Teachers and parents will witness their remarkable development and will be so proud of how much these 6-year-olds have achieved.

Find out how Little Footprints Preschool’s curriculum nurtures young learners in a conducive environment that promotes holistic development. Book a centre tour to learn more.

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