Important Life Skills Our Children Learn from Year-End Preschool Concerts

Many parents with preschool-age children anticipate year-end preschool concerts as the main highlight of their child’s school year. 

Aside from their anticipation, many preschools and childcare centres in Singapore introduce these year-end performances through the various stages of preschool to kindergarten as an important part of their school curriculum to help young children build confidence and important life skills

The year-end preschool concert benefits your child by empowering them to build up social and learning skills that will remain with them throughout their lives. Preschools and kindergartens in Singapore engage children in drama through the use of puppetry, mask-making, storytelling or theatre performance to express themselves.

year-end preschool concert

The music and movement activities in the year-end the preschool concerts engage children’s sensory modalities (vision, hearing, movement) to learn through play. It cultivates confidence and self-esteem, and encourages them to express themselves creatively. 

Part of the drama arts curriculum for preschool children is about balances in verbal and nonverbal expression through dramatic play, movement, songs and games. The result will be a lively introduction to language and arts education – they will learn about themselves by getting creative with movement and speech exercises.

Being on stage allows children to be in front of an audience without pressure or embarrassment. For some children, it teaches self-confidence and showmanship that can translate into future careers such as sports commentators or presenters. For others, it offers opportunities to perform on stage in front of their parents and friends, and practice public speaking skills. 

Music education facilitates increased learning in other subject areas by giving kids creative thinking skills they can use in all facets of their lives. Kids who study music from an early age also learn that hard work gives them positive results, which often inspires them to try hard and do well in other areas of their lives. 

Important Life Lessons Learned From Year-End Preschool Concerts 

Year-end preschool concerts provide opportunities for children to connect their hard work with important life lessons. This will help them as they journey through life after preschool.

1. Develop Focus & Ability to Concentrate

Recent research has shown that participation in the arts improves children’s abilities to concentrate and focus on other aspects of their lives.

2. Stretch their memory and attentiveness 

The repeated practice sessions to learn the songs or performance dialogue strengthens their memory recall skills.  

year-end preschool concert

3. Non-Verbal Communication 

Through experiences in theatre and dance education, children learn to break down the mechanics of body language. They experience different ways of moving and how those movements communicate different emotions.

4. Learn and practice patience and perseverance 

These life skills are learnt through rehearsals and repeated practices and helps develop resilience in lifelong learning. 

5. Builds the skills to achieve goals

Progress and success take time and the younger a child learns this, the earlier he or she will begin applying this philosophy to other areas of their life like their schoolwork, their relationships, and other activities in which they want to excel. Studies have shown that practice is a key factor in achieving goals

6. Opportunity to work as a team 

Performances are fun for children to bond with their friends and learn to be part of a team. Under their teacher’s guidance, young preschoolers take turns to perform and rehearse with different roles throughout the performance. They will learn how to listen and follow directions collectively and individually. 

year-end preschool concert

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