Progressing through Theme-based, Experiential Learning

At Little Footprints Preschool, our pedagogical approach is based on I.D.E.A - where we take an Integrated approach to theme-based learning that provides our children with progressive learning and Development through Experiential methods and Active learning.  

Children are encouraged to take charge of their learning as teachers encourage them to ask questions and gather information by listening to invited speakers, engaging in termly field trips, researching through books and interviewing adults.

With this, we keep the learning journey for children aged 18 months to 6 years old engaging, while preparing them with skills that are crucial for formal schooling.

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Core Programmes

The themes in our core programmes are carefully selected to incorporate multicultural education, history, geography, environmental education and character development. 
Within the planned activities, all key learning areas outlined in the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework are meaningfully designed and integrated for children aged 18 months to 6 years old as they build on their prior experiences and skills from playgroup to kindergarten level.

Natural Environment/Discovery of the World

Activities in this module are planned and developed for children to explore through observing, comparing, classifying, predicting, experimenting, recording and communication. By developing these skills, your child will learn to construct knowledge and make meaning of the world around him/her. 

Early Language/Language & Literacy

Our Language and Literacy module empowers your child to be a confident communicator. Through this programme, your child will learn the various components of acquiring language. Focussing on reading, listening, speaking, writing and comprehension skills, your child will be engaged in an exciting array of activities that promote language acquisition.

Early Numeracy/Numeracy

Numeracy concepts are introduced to your child in a progressive manner, from simple and complex and concrete to abstract. These cover strands such as patterns, numbers, shape and space, measurement and data handling.
 Through developmentally appropriate resources and interactive activities, your child will make meaning of his/her learning and develop the foundation for more complex mathematical concepts as he/she moves on to primary school.
 Our Numeracy module is further enhanced with the MathStart books, where numeracy concepts are introduced through stories.

Social & Emotional Development

Children need to develop a positive sense of themselves in relation to their peers, family and community. As they gain a better understanding of themselves and learn to respect the uniqueness of others, they will begin to build positive relationships with others. 
Through this module, we create teachable moments in your child’s everyday life to teach him/her to regulate and manage his/her feelings, thoughts and behaviour. 
Some of the areas covered in the module include:

  • Showing respect for diversity
  • Communicating, interacting and building relationships with others
  • Taking responsibility for his/her actions

Physical Development

Children are competent movers. With good modelling and instruction, they learn to control and coordinate their body movements through activities such as cutting, threading, walking, bending, throwing and catching.

As your child participate in these activities, he/she not only develop physical skills, but also grow in confidence and self-esteem to fulfill the demands placed on him/her later in life.

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

We create opportunities for children to learn about the various elements of art and music through our key programmes, HeART and MusicNality.

Through HeART, we develop your child’s interest and appreciation of art through exploration, experimentation and hands-on experiences. By working on artworks, your child will get to express his/her creativity while learning about a variety of art mediums and techniques.

MusicNality, our music appreciation programme, provides opportunities for your child to explore, experience and appreciate music from different cultures, while introducing him/her to the different elements of music. Activities are designed to be progressive as your child explore and experience music through singing, dancing, creative movements, body percussion, musical instruments and dramatisation.


Specialised Programmes

The following specialised programmes are designed as an extension of our core programmes, to extend your child’s learning in a holistic manner.

Librarian’s Code

The Librarian’s Code consists of two sub programmes: Reader to Leader and Bond ‘thru’ Reading. These programmes are specially designed to create highly successful future readers, writers, story tellers through fostering an enjoyment in quality children’s literature that is brought to life in an engaging and dynamic manner.

Bond ‘thru’ Reading (Home-School Partnership Reading Programme) 

This activity encourages families to come together to bond through literacy. With a wide selection of quality children’s book titles that your child can borrow every week, we encourage parents to spend some time reading with their little ones over the weekend.

To strengthen children’s writing development, this programme also encourages children to journal their thoughts after reading. This will promote writing creativity as well as encourage reading comprehension. 

In school, children will be given the opportunity to play the role as the Librarian to take charge of the borrowing process. Through role-playing in this manner, children will foster values such as turn-taking, patience, responsibility, as well as develop leadership qualities.

Reader to Leader

This programme is designed to meet the children’s reading ability and to develop your child’s reading confidence and interest. 

Through this reading programme, your child will:

  • Progress from attempting single line readers to stories with complex storylines
  • Understand sequences in various storyline
  • Discuss story plots

Retell stories or relate stories to their own experiences 

Tick Tock, It’s Time to Talk (Conducted in English and Chinese)

At Little Footprints Preschool, our Tick Tock, It’s Time to Talk programme is designed as a home-school partnership activity that encourages families to be involved in preparing children in nursery and kindergarten levels for show and tell in front of an audience.

With a given topic or theme, your child will present his/her thoughts and ideas to peers and teachers. To reinforce your child’s oral and public speaking skills, he/she will be encouraged to use expressive words and speak in full sentences.

Vitamin C

To cultivate strong traits and values, we designed Vitamin C, our social and emotional module that allows your child to grow up to become a civic-minded and resilient individual. Through this module, your child’s self-esteem will be enhanced through emphasis on good values that will help him/her throughout his/her life journey.

Participating in a series of fun and engaging activities, your child will learn pick up values such as self-control and patience. What’s more, he/she will also be acknowledged for his/her efforts in displaying values through pictures and special certificates termly.

Fun Fitness

Through Fun Fitness, our gross motor programme for playgroup to kindergarten 2 children, we hone your child’s gross motor and perceptual skills, such as locomotor, stability and object control. We also recognise the importance of strengthening your child’s fine motor skills through self-help activities (e.g. threading, pegging, tearing and cutting), as this provides opportunities for your child to be independent. 

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