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Need more information on our programmes, centres and admission processes? Refer to these frequently asked questions for some answers. 

For questions that are not covered here, feel free to fill in the Contact us form to get in touch with us.

Admission & Enrolment

Which level will my child be enrolled in?

The level that your child will be enrolled in is based on his/her age in the year of enrolment.

2 to 17 months – Infant Care

18 months to 3 years old – Playgroup

3 years old – Pre-Nursery

4 years old – Nursery

5 years old – Kindergarten 1

6 years old – Kindergarten 2

For children born on 1 January of a given year, they will join the level from the previous year.
E.g. Children born between 2 January 2017 to 1 January 2018 will be enrolled in Kindergarten 1 in the 2022 academic year. This is in line with MOE’s age requirement for Primary One registration.

What are the types of programmes available at Little Footprints Preschool?

We offer half day (7am to 1pm) and full day programmes (7am to 7pm).

Please note that half day programmes are unavailable at some centres. You may refer to this page for more information on the centres.

Are infant care services available?

Infant care services are available at selected centres.

You may refer to this page for a list of centres that provide infant care services.

Are there any subsidies or discounts on school fees?

Subsidies on school fees are available for Singaporean working mothers – refer to the info here.

We also offer preferential rates on fees at our Non-POP centres for employees of our corporate partners. To get the organisation that you are working for to be a part of our corporate partnership programme, feel free to get in touch with us and our representatives will follow up shortly.

Kindly note that once a centre goes under the POP scheme, the corporate discount privileges will be discontinued.

Are school bus services available?

School bus services are available at selected centres.

You may check in with the centre of your choice on the availability of school bus services to and from your home and the centre.

How many sets of uniforms should I purchase?

You may consider purchasing 2 sets of uniforms and PE attire first, and add on additional sets according to your needs. Your child should report to school in his/her uniform in the morning and have a set of PE attire packed in the bag for changing into later in the day.

Children are to be in their Little Footprints Preschool uniforms at the centre and during outdoor activities and excursions for safety reasons and easy identification at all times.


What kind of curriculum do you offer?

Our Little Footprints Preschool curriculum incorporates an experiential approach for the early years (18 months to 3 years old) and school readiness approach for children who are in the preschool level (4 to 6 years).

How is Little Footprints Preschool different from other preschools or childcare centres?

We provide high-quality education at affordable fees, with a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on integrated learning activities and a literacy-rich environment. Character development programmes are also infused in our daily lessons where we instill positive life values in our children.

To enhance our children’s holistic development, we collaborate with a variety of community organisations and actively involve all parents in our activities. Every year, our children enjoy opportunities to participate in community engagement initiatives with government agencies such as the Singapore Police Force, Public Utilities Board (PUB) and the Start Small, Dream Big project as part of the President’s Challenge.

School Facilities

What are the facilities available at your centres?

All our centres feature conducive classrooms where daily lessons are conducted by our educators.

Beyond that, additional facilities are available at some campuses, such as:

Outdoor Compound

West Coast, Punggol Beach, St Anne's, Sengkang,Boon Keng,

Woodgrove, Yio Chu Kang, Ubi, Potong Pasir

Water Play Boon Keng, Punggol Beach
Sand Play Punggol, Punggol Beach, Teban Gardens, Sengkang
Outdoor Garden Yishun 366, Woodlands 551

Is the food cooked by an in-house cook or catered?

The food at all our centres is cooked by an in-house cook.

How often is the menu repeated?

We have a different menu daily and the food choices are rotated monthly.

Is the food prepared halal-certified?

The food is not halal-certified, but the groceries bought are from sources with the halal certification.

What arrangements can be made if my child has allergies or special dietary requirements?

The cooks and all teachers will be informed. The food your child consumes will be specially prepared to ensure no cross-contamination.

Communication/Updates on Child

How do I get updated about my child’s progress at school?

We keep in touch with our parents mainly via an online platform called LittleLives.

At a glance, here’s what you can access on LittleLives:

  • Communicate with your child’s teachers
  • View photos of your child’s pick up and drop off from school
  • Announcements by the Principal and HQ
  • Access your child’s e-portfolio

In addition, we also organise bi-yearly parent-teacher meetings to discuss on your child’s development.

Health Checks

How often are health checks conducted on the children daily?

Health checks are conducted 3 times daily – in the morning upon arrival, after lunch and after naptime.

What is your protocol for children with runny nose, cough and other infectious diseases?

Should your child be unwell with any of the following symptoms during the routine health checks in the morning, he/she will be sent home immediately:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Flu
  • Ulcers
  • Rashes

We urge parents to keep their children at home if they are unwell and to consult a doctor. Bringing your child to the centre when he/she is unwell is strongly not recommended.

All staff at our centres follow strict guidelines for children's sickness to prevent viruses from spreading.


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