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Your Child’s First Step Begins Here

At Little Footprints Preschool, our comprehensive curriculum focuses on all aspects of your child’s learning and development.

Our passionate educators are trained with a best-in-class mindset to nurture your child’s mind through enriching learning experiences and by cultivating strong values. 

Here, your child will embark on a journey of discovery in both English and Chinese that is based on the following learning philosophies.

little footprints preschool
little footprints preschool
Active Learning

Our lessons and activities are designed to actively engage your child’s mind and encourage him/her to ask questions. This empowers your child to reflect and think as he/she takes in the key information and gains new knowledge through this process.

little footprints preschool
Progressive Learning

Your child’s learning journey will be continuous as he/she makes connections with previous learning to reinforce his/her knowledge in particular topics and themes.

little footprints preschool
Integrated Approach for Theme Based Learning

We integrate learning activities for all levels by integrating a central theme each term across all learning domains. These are facilitated through purposeful play and quality interactions to provide meaningful experiences for your child.

little footprints preschool
Experiential Learning

Your child can look forward to engaging in multi-sensory, hands-on activities throughout his/her journey at Little Footprints Preschool. We believe this creates opportunities for children to observe, explore and experience their environment as they discover how things around them work.

Sustainable Education™

At Little Footprints Preschool, an education brand under Babilou Family Singapore, our mission is centered on instilling Sustainable Education™ principles. Beyond nurturing the growth of our children, we aim to cultivate responsible individuals ready to positively impact the world.


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Our approach is grounded by prioritising the complete well-being of each child, addressing their physical and emotional needs by aligning with their Natural Rhythm. We embark on a dynamic learning journey together by harnessing their inherent curiosity and existing knowledge. 


Sustainable Education™ underscores our dedication to embracing diversity and fostering inclusion, acknowledging the vibrant cultural mosaic of our global society. To ensure a well-rounded educational experience, we actively involve families as partners, fostering collaboration to support the holistic development of our students. Through this united effort, we create an environment where every child can thrive and realise their full potential. 


Find out more about our learning approaches and curriculum framework for the various levels:


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