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Our Infant Care Room is a fully-equipped environment that is rich with colours, sounds and movements. We work to address...

Infant Care

Designed to support infants’ holistic development, our Blooming Minds curriculum, is the first step to nurture the child into a confident, caring, respectful and reflective individual. With a warm and secure environment, infants will be able to learn and develop within a supportive space. Our ultimate goal is to help infants develop skills naturally and confidently, and to acquire new knowledge through exploration.

*Exclusive to our Admiralty, Ang Mo Kio, Boon Keng, Choa Chu Kang, Depot, Kent Ridge, Sengkang 205, Sengkang 275, Thomson and Ubi centres only.

The Cornerstone of our Infant Care Program



Infants thrive in a safe and responsive environment as it directly impacts how they feel about themselves and their surroundings. Hence our educarers provide warmth and constant reassurance through eye contact and communication with the infants.


Infants are capable of understanding and accepting kind gestures. Showing them respect even when they are infants helps to develop respect for themselves and others.


Infants can flourish and explore with confidence when they have deep trust in their caregivers. Forming relationships is a big part of what our educarers do. We establish deep bonds with each infant and his/her family to provide support and response that best meet the infant’s needs.

Child Care

Learning Philosophy

The Image of a Little Footprints Child

We want to cultivate a love for learning and nurture a child at Little Footprints into a confident communicator, problem-solver and an independent thinker. Our children at LFP are instilled with our core values – Caring, Confident, Respect and Reflective that helps mold him or her into a civic-minded and responsible citizen of the world.


Civic Minded Children

At Little Footprints Preschool, we place a strong emphasis on nurturing young minds and cultivating strong traits and values. Therefore, we have our character development programme – Vitamin C to encourage children to grow to be champions with a heart and to ingrain in them to be civic-minded individuals right from a very young age. We believe civic-mindedness in children will act as a core and foundation for children to escalate and grow in their learning experiences.

Confident Communicators

Our dynamic Literacy programme provides many opportune moments for children to express themselves. The Literacy Programme consists of our Reading Programme (Librarian’s Code), Phonics Programme (Song of Sounds), Grammar programme, Tick Tock, it’s time to talk! and Theme- based Literacy discussions. These avenues provide a wide linguistic choice for children to express themselves in various forms; listening, speaking, reading, writing and dramatising.

Problem Solvers & Independent Thinkers

Our Numeracy programme encompasses the 5 Strands which is Patterns, Numbers, Shapes, Measurement and Data Handling. Children have concrete and fun experiences through our numeracy programme. They are encouraged to be problem solvers and independent thinkers through the activities.

Love for Learning

Children at Little Footprints Preschool have an insatiable appetite for learning! We say this confidently as our programme has an eclectic mix of activities which provides rich and concrete experiences for their learning. We are on a constant quest to facilitate and grow children’s experiences in gaining knowledge.

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