A Sustainable Start For Our Children at Little Footprints Preschool

Countries across the globe are going green and moving towards sustainability these days. With global warming being more apparent and rising temperatures, many are striving to be more environmentally friendly by being mindful of their actions.  

In fact, the United Nations has set up 17 sustainable development goals for countries to adopt, with the aim of achieving them by 2030. Here in Southeast Asia, the Singapore Green Plan was unveiled as part of the nation’s efforts to be eco-friendly.  

The value of sustainability should be educated from a young age so that the leaders of tomorrow are aware and can change their future. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has several plans for children and students to be stewards of the environment.

Schools will have “greener” features like LED lights, solar panels and more trees to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Plan(T) the Future – A Little Footprints Preschool Sustainability Initiative 

At Little Footprints Preschool, we too have pledged our commitment towards building a better world for future generations.

Together with our parent company, Babilou Family Singapore, we took the first step towards sustainable education through our “Plan(T) the Future”, our inaugural fund-raising project.  

Organised to commemorate Earth Day in April 2022, the project saw our children being engaged in a variety of activities related to sustainability – with the aim to raise funds, which will be donated to NParks’ Garden City Fund under the Plant a Tree programme.  

As a quick overview, here are some activities that the teachers at some of our Little Footprints Preschool centres conducted with the children. 

Bake Sale Activity  

Little Footprints @ Balestier 2

The Kindergarten 1 and 2 children at Balestier 2 were involved in a bake sale to raise funds for the event.

They started off by measuring the amount of ingredients needed to make the cookies for the bake sale. They then mixed the wet ingredients (melted butter, egg and vanilla essence) with the dry ones (consisting of flour, baking soda, baking powder and sugar).  

The children sure had a lot of fun preparing the mixture and scooping them onto baking trays, all ready for the final step in the oven. 

Sale of Potted Plants, Crafts and Stationeries

Little Footprints @ BishanLittle Footprints @ Bishan

Our children at Bishan sold items such as crafts and stationeries to their parents, who were invited to the fair at the centre.   

Many parents supported our fundraising project by buying potted plants, specially prepared by our Kindergarten 1 children.

The children enjoyed their time crafting the potted plants and selling all the items to their parents. Throughout the process, they got to work on their communication skills and gain confidence in presenting their wares to a crowd.      

Creating Beautiful Upcycled Crafts

Little Footprints @ ThomsonLittle Footprints @ Thomson

There are many tiny ways that we can all work independently and interdependently to play a part, which will greatly benefit Mother Earth.  

Our Nursery friends at Thomson made use of a glass jar and transformed it into a beautiful vase, all with recycled materials!

Meanwhile, the infants also joined in the fun by creating beautiful masterpieces by painting on canvas. This activity helped them develop great eye hand coordination and patience as they completed the hand printing.  

What a wonderful way to raise awareness on saving our Earth among the children! 

Decorative Hanging Mobile Activity

Little Footprints @ Yishun 865Little Footprints @ Yishun 865

Our Kindergarten 2 children at Yishun 865 were involved in a decorative hanging mobile activity using materials they had on hand in the classroom, such as paper plates, yarn, feathers, and cut straws .  

They sure had a lot of fun cutting the edges of the paper plates in zig-zag patterns and wrapping the paper plate with yarn. As a finishing touch, they threaded the yarns with straws and colourful feathers and tied them at the bottom of the paper plates to act as frills. You can try making this simple craft with your children at home too! 


Wrapping Up a Meaningful Event! 

The activities above were some highlights of what the children at our centres did to raise funds for a meaningful cause. 

Collectively, through these centre activities and efforts from our corporate HQ, a total of $50,045 was raised for this fund-raising event – which will go towards NParks’ Plant a Tree programme. This amount translates to the planting and upkeep of 166 trees which will be done later this year in a tree planting event. 

Do look out for updates on this through our Little Footprints Preschool website and social media pages! 


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