SSDB 2021: Showing Compassion & Care to Our Migrant Friends

Most children are naturally empathetic – but we can still give them opportunities to practice being kind and compassionate as they grow more aware of their world.

In line with the theme of this year’s Start Small Dream Big campaign to “Stay Connected, Make A Difference”, our children and teachers at Little Footprints Preschool @ Punggol Beach embarked on a very meaningful project which saw them joining forces to bring cheer and spread kindness to our migrant workers.

A Migrant Worker’s Life

As we know, migrant workers play an important role in contributing to the progress of Singapore.

All of them have had to travel a very long distance from their homeland to our Little Red Dot so that they can give their families a better life.

little footprints preschool

Our children at Little Footprints Preschool @ Punggol Beach were introduced to the day in the life of our migrant friends through a series of videos shown in school.

Following this, they were engaged in discussions on the plight of migrant workers with their teachers and parents, where they shared their feelings about the topic.

Care Packs from Little Footprints Preschool @ Punggol Beach

As part of the initiative of Little Footprints Preschool @ Punggol Beach, our children, together with their families, were encouraged to bring in items to be donated to a group of migrant friends who were working on the construction of a school nearby the centre.

little footprints preschool

It was a truly heartwarming experience to witness our children’s response to this donation drive. Some of them came in with their favourite snacks to share with our migrant friends, while others brought in essential items as they realised that what we deem as essential are indeed precious to the migrant workers.

One of our preschoolers went a step further by handing in a drawing with a heartfelt message, “Thank you for building our home”.

little footprints preschool

Although the number of items collected from our Little Footprints Preschool @ Punggol beach family may not be a lot, we sure hope that these will bring a smile to our migrant friends’ faces as they experience the warmth and care from their “family” here in Singapore made up of the community at large.


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