Caring for our Planet on Earth Day!

Every year, Earth Day is commemorated on 22 April and it is a day dedicated to bringing emerging environmental consciousness to light and showing support for environmental protection.

This worldwide movement started way back in 1970 when Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin voiced his concerns about the deteriorating environment that transpired as a result of oil spills in the United States.

Inspired by the student anti-war movement, Senator Nelson channeled the energy of student anti-war protests to creating public awareness about air and water pollution. This movement soon caught the media’s attention, and it was not long before it became a worldwide campaign to show care to our planet and effect changes in global, national and local policies.

This year, the theme of Earth Day 2021 is dedicated to the cohesive, coordinated, and diverse efforts to #RestoreOurEarth, which focuses on the crucial role that we all can play to combat climate change and fight for a clean environment for all to live in.

Bringing Earth Day to Our Lessons and Activities at Little Footprints Preschool

As it turns out, the theme for this term for our nursery children at Little Footprints Preschool is “Minibeast”.

To facilitate the children’s learning of the characteristics and living environment of invertebrates (small animals that do not have skeletons), our teachers brought in a variety of minibeasts for the children to observe.

From making note of their outer appearances and the various body parts, the children then zoomed in on the living environment and what these creatures feed on for survival.

Simple Steps to Care for Our Planet

Throughout the lessons, our teachers infuse elements of environmental protection by highlighting simple things we can do to make our planet more liveable. This then ties back to the livelihood of living things like the minibeasts, as this impacts their natural lifecycle and survival on earth. 

In going through the “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” concept with the children, teachers at our Little Footprints Preschool centre at St Anne’s embarked on an amazing project.

To showcase this concept and provide a comfortable living environment for the butterfly that the children were observing, our teachers built a tank made out of recycled materials such as a cake box, plastic bottles, and containers. 

little footprints preschool

Now the butterfly has everything it needs to live and survive, which closely replicates its natural environment!

Our children were truly amazed at this setup which then pique their interest to find out more about their minibeast. We’re sure they will have fond memories of the butterfly once it’s time to set it free and head home to its own family.

Well done, teachers and children! Let’s keep the joy of learning alive and do all we can to protect the environment.

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