Build A Little Home with New Hope Community Services

At Little Footprints Preschool, we believe in cultivating strong traits and values in our children , as we nurture them into well-balanced children.

This term, we are delighted to collaborate with New Hope Community Services to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness. 

During the COVID-19 period, there is a sharp increase in displaced individuals in our community. We believe that children need to be given a variety of opportunities to learn about the world around them and the issues faced in the community.

Session 1: Introducing Rough Sleepers to the children

To introduce the topic of homelessness, our teachers prepared a newspaper article and an activity for the children during their weekly current affairs sharing.

Upon learning that there are many less fortunate people in Singapore, our children drew their most valued possessions and the important people around them. They then presented their artwork to their peers and shared how they would feel without these valued possessions.

Build A Little Home


Session 2: Being in a Rough Sleeper's Shoes

Without a home or a safe place to sleep, rough sleepers often experience unpleasant experiences such as being victims of theft and getting drenched in the rain when they rest in public spaces.

To deepen the understanding of rough sleepers, our children participated in a sensorial activity to put themselves in the rough sleepers’ shoes.

Many rough sleepers are displaced from their homes due to domestic violence, financial difficulties, mental health, and poor interpersonal relationships.

Through the activity, our children roleplayed as rough sleepers and thieves, and they simulated the rain as well. They took turns being a rough sleeper, sleeping on a piece of cardboard.

After the activity, most of our children shared that they felt uncomfortable and sad when they imagine that the cardboard is their home. By sharing these with our children, we reinforce values that have been taught – caring, compassion, and kindness.

Session 3: Reflecting and expressing their thoughts

After weeks of sharing and engaging in activities related to homelessness, our children brainstormed and shared the various ways they can help the rough sleepers. It was heartening to see our children empathizing and coming up with ways to help.

One of the many ideas was to build a home for them. With that, our children tapped into their critical thinking skills and ‘built’ different homes using straws, recycled boxes, and other materials.

Reflecting and expressing their thoughts


Final Session: Uncle Lim and Super Sam

It's the final session of our Build-A-Little-Home project!

After watching the video ‘Uncle Lim and Super Sam’, our children took turns participating in a simple puppet story. They thought of different ways how they could save Uncle Lim from sleeping on the bench in the park.

During the session, our children displayed great empathy for Uncle Lim and also expressed gratitude to their parents for providing them a comfortable home to live in.

Uncle Lim and Super Sam

To end this meaningful project, each child was given a cardboard house to assemble, decorate and bring home to save up. They were encouraged to donate a small amount so that they can help the rough sleepers.

Be the reason for others to have hope again, a little goes a long way. One step at a time, we can build a strong and better future for Singapore together! 


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