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Dressing Your Child This Lunar New Year

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Young children are very active social beings and are usually squirming if they are required to look good and proper....
Dressing Your Child This Lunar New Year

Young children are very active social beings and are usually squirming if they are required to look good and proper. Most children are not concerned about the look but more for the comfort. Hence you may want to think twice before dressing them in a silk 旗袍 (qípáo) or 長袍 (chángpáo).

Before you miss out on your last-minute shopping, here are some good tips for your children to look fashionable and feel good during this Lunar New Year.


1. Involve them in Shopping

Children are usually more excited to get dressed if you let them pick out their own outfit. Involve your child in shopping but be prepared to be presented with a variety of his/her favourite animals or cartoon characters! Remember to share with your child in advance what are the culturally desirable colours or appropriate styles for Lunar New Years. This will definitely help with making the best selection for the festive season.


2. Fabric

Weather conditions and the activity your child is going to experience should be taken into consideration. Avoid fabrics that restrict movements or cling/stick onto your child’s body. Laces, for example, may also cause skin irritation to those with sensitive skin. Instead, try organic cotton fabrics! This material is definitely the way to go to combat the sunshine all year round. For a more festive appropriate style, opt for the floral prints or a mandarin collar. A happy child is one who feels comfortable in an outfit that allows movement and keeps cool as well!




3. Easy to Manage

Dress your child in an easy-to-wear outfit that he/she can manage without fuss, e.g. clothes that have bigger colourful buttons or press studs in the right places – making it easy for children to dress and undress themselves. It also benefits them by promoting self-help skills and instil self-confidence in children.


4. Colours

For the infants and tiny tots who depend on adults to choose what to dress, go for happy and bright colours. This will help with keeping their moods and spirit high!





5. Correct Fit

The correct fit is so important especially for active children! The wrong fit will certainly create many unwanted problems for both caring adults and child. What’s worse, accidents may happen if it does not fit well.


6. Add on Accessories

Children are naturally curious beings, they are always exploring things around and on them. Having decorative accessories pinned or clipped onto children’s clothing is not necessary and may cause accidents. Once these are being pulled out, they may swallow, poke or use it to hurt others unintentionally. Keep it simple!



Nancy Lee-Wong

Head of Training & Curriculum (Overseas) at Nurture Education Group.
MEd (Early Childhood, BSS (Family & Children Studies), Dip ECS with Leadership & Management,
ACTA certified, PITC RIE-Pikler Inspired, CIMI IAIM Certified

Mrs Nancy Lee-Wong’s passion in Early Childhood Education led her to begin her career as an assistant Kindergarten teacher to a Centre Director and even certified as an IAIM infant massage instructor. She was also an accredited QA consultant with ECDA, a WDA-ECDA accredited trainer/lecturer and practicum supervisor for Preschool and Early Years Care & Education and Early Years Educare.

Having been in the early childhood industry since 1979, Mrs Nancy Lee-Wong has been actively involved in the field movement promoting the care and education of young children. She strongly believes that “respecting children’s authenticity and supporting their needs for exploration are fundamental to early child care and education.”


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